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Takeshi Sakurai
Representative Director

For over sixty years, we have always been undertaking to produce what is most pleased by our customers.
With passing of time, the living environment changes, and becomes more diversified. So does our need in an interior space. We stay conscious of the needs of the age, and always look beyond; as a result, we have had created some unique products that are quite unprecedented.
Blinds that are safe, benign and pleasant, a smokeless blind producing no toxic gas in case of fire, a sound absorbing blind, and a blind made of genuine natural wood. We have indeed a lineup of rather unique products.

Our products made in our factory are distributed nationwide through regional retail shops. We also OEM on major furniture and office equipment companies.
Parts and components are supplied both from Japan and abroad. We've been extensively importing advanced blinds from the U.S. and EU, persistently adopting the latest data.

Back in 1949, Shoji Sakurai established Sakurai Blinds in Tokyo and started production of blinds. In 1983, our easy-to-carry folding "Accordion Screen" won Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award. It is now widely adopted in hospitals and schools. In 2000, Takeshi Sakurai resumed as a president, and we have been developing unique products such as Feltone blind.


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Address: 3-9-15 Shirokane, Minato-ku,Tokyo Japan 108-0072

TEL: +81-3-3443-7771

FAX: +81-3-3443-7775

Mail: info@tokyo-blinds.co.jp

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Media and Exhibition

28 Feb. ~ 3 Mar. 2012 R&T Exhibition at Stuttgart, Germany.